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She's got me Speechless

I love Lady Gaga just as predictably as I do deeply. Gaga’s performance art can distract many from her skill as a musician (classically trained at NYU) but her blended high/low art shenanigans are excactly why she’s so valuable as an artist. I like Gaga because I enjoy dance music. I like Gaga because I appreciate when performers push the envelope. I like Gaga because she is a ceaseless civil rights activist, but I love Gaga because she takes art (high fashion costumes, literary references in songs, deep musical talents, artist and eye catching videos) and makes it mainstream. Lady Gaga makes radical artistic expression cool, and for that we owe her greatly.

Her new album “Born This Way” will drop in May 23, but if you want a little taste right now–Gaga performed one of the new songs on the Today Show. (the actual song starts at 2.23)

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